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     Cleveland, Texas

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488 County Road 2234 
Cleveland,Texas 77327
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  If you are looking to show Californian rabbits, then you have found the right site! J and R Rabbit Farm is located in Cleveland, Texas in the Pineywoods of East Texas about 45 miles north of Houston, Texas. J and R Rabbit Farm specializes only in the Californian rabbit raising only "Quality" Market Meat Pens and Breeding Rabbit Trios for Texas 4-H and FFA projects. If you have chosen rabbits for your 4-H or FFA project whether it be a market rabbit meat pen for the market rabbit show or breeding rabbits for the breeding rabbit show , and are either an experienced show person or a show beginner, J and R Rabbit Farm can help you with your project. We will educate you with our knowledge, experience and advice from the beginning, during and to the end of your project if needed. As we always tell all of our customers, " We are only a phone call or email away, and no question is too little or too silly to ask because we at one time didn't know it either".

How We Got  Started.

  We Started our Rabbitry raising Californian Rabbits and a couple other breeds in April 2002 at our home in Cleveland Texas, and have grown to about 100 rabbits at this time. Nothing was planned we went to pick up a belt buckle we had ordered, at a trophy and awards business and they also raised rabbits. Well shall I say anymore! except that we not only came home with a belt buckle, we came home with the beginning of our rabbitry. They were two black Dutch Rabbits and a beautiful blue Dutch Rabbit. Then some really good friends, that have a local family business here in Cleveland, Texas, bought a couple of meat pens from our county show, and donated them to us. This was our first introduction to Californian Rabbits, which has turned out to be our breed of choice! We have a few Mini Rex, Dutch, and a few Holland lops, but Californians, are our speciality. They are Awesome Rabbits!
  We showed our Californian Rabbits for the first time at our county
show, and to our surprise!, won "Grand Champion Meat Pen 2003"!!!!! We couldn't believe it, our first time to show a Meat Pen and our first show ever, and we got Grand. Even though we were in shock, it felt so good that all that hard work, late nights, worring about babies being born, worring and trying to figure out who to breed to who, and etc., had paid off.
  J and R Rabbit Farm plans to continue striving for perfection, having a strong culling system. Constantly improving our Californian line of rabbits with each thought, each decision, and each cull that is made."We will settle for no less than the best".
  Another thing we strive to do, is be there for others. If you get a Californian Rabbit from J and R Rabbit Farm, or you get 10  Californian Rabbits from us, or maybe none, you just need help or information, we will do everything in our power to help you, and hope you will leave J and R Rabbit Farm as another friend we can put on our long list of friends.
Update as of  2006 We no longer have Dutch Rabbits, Holland Lop Rabbits, or Mini Rex Rabbits. We have such a nice line of Californian Rabbits that we decided to only specialize in the Californian Rabbits. If you can not find the other rabbits let us know and maybe we know someone that can help you. Just email us and we will try to help you find them.


Our goal is to improve our Californian Line of Rabbits with each generation, and try to meet the Breed Standard of the Californian Rabbit to the best that it can be met. Our Rabbitry, located in Cleveland,Texas, is in the growth stage of developement. Our goals are to meet the needs of all the rabbit markets, pet rabbit market, show rabbit market, meat pen rabbit market, meat rabbit market, and breading stock rabbit market. We hope to promote the fun and exciting world of rabbit raising, that is steadly increasing in popularity, no matter if you have one rabbit for a pet, or if you plan to start your own rabbitry, you will be glad that you did.


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     Cleveland, Texas

This Is Not A Complete List Of   Winnings Sorry I   Couldn"t Get To Them All...
02/07/07 Humble Texas Rodeo and Livestock Show "2007"
"Grand Champion Meat Pen !!!" 
  Exhibitor: Claire Stambaugh
 9th Place Meat Pen
 Exhibitor:  Leah Stambaugh
10th Place Meat Pen
 Exhibitor:  Emily Stambaugh

01/26/07 Huffman Texas Livestock Show 2007
 3rd Place Meat Pen
Exhibitor: Frances Michelle
01/18/07 Nueces County Texas Junior Livestock Show 2007
"Out of 101 Meat Pens Our Rabbits Placed 5th, 8th, and 11th
 5th Place Meat Pen 
 Exhibitor:  Luis H.Sepulveda II
 8th Place Meat Pen
 Exhibitor:  Sarah H. Sepulveda 
 11th Place Meat Pen
 Exhibitor:  Rudy N. Cavazos   

 04/27/06 Cleveland Texas Livestock Show and Rodeo 2006              
                 "Best In Show" Californian Sr. Doe GN2 
                 "Best Of Breed" Californian Sr. doe GN2
                 "Best Opposite Sex" Californian Sr. Buck GN1
                 "5th Place Meat Pen" 2006 
 Exhibitor: of all above Guy Nicholson
Out of 20 meat pens!
03/29/06 Ellis County Texas FFA/4H Youth Exhibition 2006
 10th Place Meat Pen
 Exhibitor: Tailore Moore
Out of 42 Meat Pens
10/17/05 Trinty Valley Exposition Livestock Show and Rodeo
 Liberty Texas  
"Reserve Champion Meat Pen" 2005
 Exhibitor: Guy Nicholson 
Out of 36 meat pens!
Cleveland Texas Livestock Show and Dairy Day 2003
"Grand Champion Meat Pen" 2003
 Exhibitor: Guy Nicholson
He went out with a BANG
This was our sons Senior
Year! We will miss showing
at our county shows but will
continue to support the ones
that show Our Rabbits!
Anyone not listed above that  
has shown our rabbits             
and placed that would like     
their name and information    
listed, please email us all the 
information and we will post it.

J and R Rabbit Farm
488 County Road 2234 Cleveland, Texas 77327