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J and R Rabbit Farm Californian Rabbits in Texas

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Listed below is the Information that you will need when calling us to order your meat pen. Please call us as far in advance as possiable so that we can put you in our books. 
This gives us plenty of time to plan the breedings and have those Does that we choose open (not pregnant or with
kits) ready to breed for your show.
The Date of your Show:____________(You will need the actual date of the Market Meat Pen Rabbit Show). This is how we figure the Breeding Date that we need to breed them in order for them to be the right age for your show! Once you have the date of the Market Meat Pen show you take that date and count back 101 days and that will be your Breeding Date:_____________ Then you will also need to find out when your Validation Date:_____________ is so that we can together figure out a time for you to take possession of the rabbits before this date. Also find out your Minimum Weight: _______ and Maximum Weight: ________that the Meat Pen Rabbits can weight at time of show and the Maximum Age:___________they can be at show date.
 Note:  If you don't have all the information when you call to place your order it's ok you can get back with us as soon as you can get it but you will need the Date of the Show 

J and R Rabbit Farm
488 County Road 2234 Cleveland, Texas 77327